Preparatory meetings

There will be preparatory meetings for ALL committees on Monday 14th November at 14:30 SGT time. This meeting is mandatory for all participants and will serve as an introduction to give the participants an opportunity to get to know each other. The chairs will also introduce THIMUN Online and explain all procedures.

Approval Panel Room

This area is ONLY for MUN-Director’s that have registered to volunteer and for main-submitter delegates. These delegates will be requested by their committee chair to join the Approval Panel through the zoom link below.

If there are any MUN-Director’s that wish to join and volunteer in the approval panel you must email (info@thimun.org) in order to give full access to the functions of the panel.

Once you enter this room you will automatically be placed in a waiting area, the admin staff will let you in and assist you further.

Join Approval Panel Zoom Meeting

Link: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/89413560051?pwd=czY1Vkh2UUpiRGxwOGxEM0VVNmdhZz09

Opening Ceremony THIMUN Online

The Opening Session of THIMUN will be on Monday 14thof November at 16:30 SGT time, this will be streamed via our Webapp.

Keynote Speaker Opening Ceremony

THIMUN’s Singapore 2022 Keynote Speaker…..to be announced