Preparing for Lobbying

Lobbying is perhaps the most important part of the THIMUN Conference, as it is when fruitful discussions take place to create the best resolutions possible. Good resolutions with viable solutions are to be produced as a result of lobbying.

For THIMUN The Hague 2024, delegates should prepare to give a opening speech, the list of delegations giving opening speeches in the assigned forum will be published in the web-app at a later date.



Opening Speeches

Opening Speeches will be entertained in this conference.

These speeches will be prepared and given by the Ambassadors and Heads of Delegations in their GA Committees. Additionally, there will be other delegates that will be asked to make an opening speech during their first formal session in their respective forums. These will be on a list that will be published in our web-app at a later date.

When do you deliver the Opening Speech?

On Tuesday morning after the preparatory meetings, Committees, Sub-commissions and ECOSOC will begin with Opening Speeches. These delegates will deliver a speech (40 – 60 seconds) stating their views. They will then move on to lobbying and continue on Wednesday morning with lobbying if needed.

Lobbying Groups

The Research Reports for the issues on the agenda will be uploaded by mid-December. All delegates are expected to read the research reports of their respective forums. Within these research reports there will be sub-topics to the main issue which will allow the delegates to express their interest in a subtopic to the chairs through a form, so chairs will know their preference and lobby groups.