Delegate Prepares Draft Resolution

Before the Conference starts all delegates should have a draft resolution on the issues on the agenda.

The Research Reports published on our website have been divided, each main issue has three subtopics. Each subtopic will be lobbied in its own breakout room and will submit one resolution to be debated by the whole committee. Therefore, delegates will be debating  resolutions per main issue, each one focusing on a different aspect.

Lobbying I

This year, delegates will have individualised lobbying time for each issue on the agenda so delegates should prepare to lobby for two subtopics, one from each main issue. Every delegation/delegate should make a policy statement on the main issue highlighting the sub-topic they are most interested in.

Lobbying II

Delegates will be delivering two policy statements during the conference: one per each main issue, and should be 30 second (maximum 45 seconds) and will be delivered in break-out rooms. They do not need to address their choice of subtopic, merely their stance on it.

Lobbying III

To facilitate the lobbying process and enable delegates to discuss their resolutions, Chairs will create breakout rooms in which delegates will be added to these accordingly. If a delegate wishes to join a specific breakout room they should inform the chair.

Lobbying IIII

Once there are enough co-submitters the resolution can then be registered by the Chair.


The Chair will upload the resolution and inform the executive team. They will assign them a registration number for the Approval Panel.


The Approval Panel will see which Resolution has been uploaded and needs editing. The chairs and a executive member will contact the main submitter delegate to go to the Approval Panel. The MUN-Director in the Approval Panel will will then be waiting in a break-out room for the student/s to edit and approve the resolution.


Once the resolution is approved it will be ready for debate and will be visible in the Resolutions Section on the Webapp.