QUESTION OF: Measures to counter the side-effects of the trade war between China and USA


CO-SUBMITTERS:Bolivia, Bangladesh, Central African Republic, France, Ecuador, Germany, Denmark, Morocco, Rwanda, Zimbabwe.




Urging both nations involved to conciliate in a manner that is best fitted to both nations and it’s civilians,


Deploring member states from engaging in trade wars as a result of worsening multilateral relations, which consequences in impedance of diplomatic relations, as well as numerous negative effects for LEDCs,


Acknowledging severed trade relations between the United States and China, while keeping in mind the efforts made for the two countries to reconcile especially the 2019 Geneva study. In order to minimize and ease the impacts of the trade war,


Pointing out the negative effects of the trade war on the economies of both the USA and China, and also the positive repercussions for other member states that are more prepared,


Recognizing the need for sustainable trade to prevail, through the continued trading between the two nations,


Confident that this issue can be resolved with basic international cooperation standards necessitated by the nature of the UN problem resolving methodology,


  1. Calls upon the creation of a biannual summit to take place every 6 months called the USA-China-Summit (UCS), where both nations meet and discuss the socio-economic issues both countries face, the issues being chosen by the other country’s diplomats, and said summits shall be held alternating between both nations every six months;
  2. Endorses increasing the number of passenger flights between the People’s Republic of China and the United States, with the initiation of “long and skinny” routes operated with medium size passenger aircraft, while also allowing foreign airlines with seventh freedom rights to operate these flights;
  3. Calls upon the People’s Republic of China and the United States of America to facilitate access to travel and study visas for the opposing country’s citizens, in order to increase cooperation between the two states, by means of reducing the time needed for an individual to complete the visa acquisition process;
  4. Encourages member states to take action to reduce the number of islands built by the People’s Republic of China in the South China Sea, by implementing measures such as but not limited to:
    1. reducing the phenomenon known as sand theft, carried out illegally by individual or organizations who acquire it for its resale value, by surveilling areas where the aforementioned resource is available
    2. reducing exports of maritime sand to the People’s Republic of China by member nations;
  5. Expresses its hopes for the creation of a United Nations Cybersecurity organization (UNCSO) to achieve international cooperation on reducing cybersecurity attacks on United Nations members by non-governmental parties, exact parameters to be decided at the end of the aforementioned summits;
  6. Further encourages both governments to improve their foreign policies to contain less protectionist trading methods and more emphasis on free-trade with no trade barriers, to facilitate economic growth and better diplomatic ties through bilateral trade agreements and communication by means such as but not limited to, focusing country trades on the respective comparative advantages;
  7. Calls upon member states to facilitate an environment where both sides can effectively communicate their concerns and perspectives with each other to develop further trade-related agreements and understandings.