QUESTION OF: Promoting and preserving education for disadvantaged populations (Tackling the structural reason for which disadvantaged populations are properly educated)


CO-SUBMITTERS:Armenia, Syrian Arab Rep., Togo, Sri Lanka, Republic of Korea, Paraguay.


Declaring disadvantaged populations as vulnerable populations including the economically disadvantaged, racial and ethnic minorities, the uninsured, low-income children, the elderly, the homeless, those with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), and those with other chronic health conditions,

Noting that the operative clauses will become fully applicable post-pandemic, but their preparation will start as soon as this passes,

Noting with deep concern that disadvantaged populations are very vulnerable to be affected by radical ideologies and extremism,

Recognizing the need to provide high-quality education to the population regardless of their background and social standing,

Taking into consideration the circumstantial limitations some countries face in the provision of education,

Bearing in mind that education can be the catalyst needed to pull families and communities out of poverty in developing countries, 

  1. Strongly supports the establishment of new, rehabilitative, socially-supportive, proactive and progressive educational facilities in order to protect the disadvantaged populations from extremism and radical ideas, decrease the amount of homeless people as mentioned, reintroduce the disadvantaged people to their respective nations by making them as beneficial to humanity as possible, educate children with low-income properly and help them by taking them to education without separating by ethnicity or gender, allow MEDCs to provide financial and infrastructural aid to the best of their capacity to allow for the establishment of such educational facilities and allow the delegation of resources within the educational facilities it to be left up to their jurisdiction, to address pertinent issues that the various countries are well-versed in
    1. Countries plagued with economic or social issues are not to be held accountable to international regulations before the country has the capabilities to establish such an educational facility, such that they have the capability to make structural change
    2. Collect the payment of non-disadvantaged people who do not continue their education on a regular basis and give the necessary financial support to educational facilities as a fund;
  2. Confirms that the educational facilities will educate the people with disadvantaged backgrounds and turn them into functioning members of their nation, based on the discretion of individual countries, teach the concepts of the contemporary civilization including science, social studies, literature and ethic, provide fundamental necessities of the disadvantaged populations by supplying them with housing and socioeconomic guidance including job trainings, analyze the wellbeing and the sociological evolution of the disadvantaged populations including medical assessments with the assistance “Rehab Hospitals”, prevent extreme and dangerous propaganda defined by the organization mentioned in clause 3, provide necessary security features to protect students, provide online platforms to facilitate learning if deemed appropriate and have the necessary transport infrastructure to allow students to access various educational facilities;
  3. Invites all nations to establish a new international inspection organization under the leadership of China, which will be funded by OECD, to examine educational facilities and Refreshment Schools which will:
    1. Prevent corruption, deterioration and slandering of educational facilities by giving money to disadvantaged populations which can be done by the external organizations as well as uncooperative nations
    2. Researching and fixing the possible inside problems which cannot be detected under normal examinations such as any connections to vicious organizations
    3. Prevent political conflicts including but not limited to:
      1. Extremist ideas and dangerous ideologies defined with the help of INTERPOL
      2. Interference of the nation’s political parties
    4. Inspect the quality of the educational facilities, secure them and evaluate the current curriculum of the education centers
    5. Take a census of the educational facilities to block any dangerous outer interference from radical and political organizations which can brainwash the disadvantaged populations
    6. Academically support Refreshment Schools via the educational and socioeconomic committee of this organization which will be led by OCEF;
  4. Encourages all member states to form new type of schools called Refreshment Schools where HIV people are medically rehabilitated and academically re-educated by:
    1. Supervising of the newly established organizations mentioned in clause 3
    2. Providing pre-determined curriculum which will suit the necessities of HIV people and be revised by the aforementioned organization such as:
      1. Supplying necessary medical equipment’s with the help of WHO and Rehab Hospitals
      2. Providing sex education and taking necessary steps to prevent HIV spreading
    3. Getting the assistance of the mentioned organization’s socio-economic committee to orient people with HIV who can work to jobs in their respective local areas with the support of their Refreshment Schools
    4. Reinforcing the limit of government pioneers to fill in as successful stewards of health programs, building neighborhood ability to advocate for a steady HIV strategy condition, fortify the proficiency and adequacy of national HIV programs, connecting with individuals living with HIV (PLHIV), key populaces, ladies, and common society bunches in the approach procedure
    5. Additionally raising public awareness about the matter through:
      1. Public adds
      2. Social media
      3. Public gatherings
      4. Online meetings;
  5. Considers creating a basic system that would separate the types of homeless people and if necessary record them into the nation’s database with the help of the mentioned organization in clause 3 by:
    1. Creating space for homeless people and especially children in educational facilities and giving them the fundamental and mandatory education depending on their age and status
    2. Supporting homeless people that are homeless due to unemployment or debt through giving them a place to rest for a year which will be the time span of these people to reevaluate their lives and put it into motion again 
    3. Providing vocational education to those who are unemployed and over the age of mandatory education as well as guiding them to new workplaces
    4. Supplying psychological guidance to those who are in need and support those without homes due to previous trauma to reconcile with their acquaintances;
  6. Recommends the establishment of United Nations’ own auxiliary medical care, under the supervision of the organization mentioned in clause, named “Rehab Hospitals” which will work cooperatively with the educational facilities and Refreshment School to:
    1. Provide universal medical healthcare to people who are staying in educational facilities and Refreshment School without the need of insurance 
    2. Decrease disgrace and separation to the accomplishment of HIV counteractive action, care, and treatment endeavors and incorporate stigma-reduction and rights-based methodologies into arrangements and intercessions can lessen helplessness to HIV and lighten boundaries to benefit access and use
    3. Supply adequate and rehabilitative medical healthcare to everyone in the aforementioned establishments without discrimination based on the people’s ethnicity and gender
    4. Raise awareness regarding the fact that health is mandatory and primary for quality education
    5. Help establish necessary infrastructure to allow for a fruitful learning experience for physically challenged individuals;
    6. Establishing a telephone line calling regular to disadvantaged households on assistance,
  7. Suggests all member nations to do demographic analysis of their minorities with the support of the organization mentioned in clause 3 when the government seeks further assistance in order to:
    1. Support minorities via placing them to the educational facilities provided that the government and organization officials got their consent
    2. Detect HIV and AIDS amongst minorities, and translocate them to closest Refreshment Schools to initiate proper medical help without the exigence of insurance as well as provide better education for this specific portion of people 
    3. Prevent racism in educational facilities and Refreshment School by considering the data gathered by the government and the organization by inspecting if these establishments contradict the demographics of their regions
    4. Creating special programs for minorities with the goal of education in mind and enlighten them by informing them about the nation that they are currently residing in, getting them basic education equivalent to their age group through educational facilities, getting them basic healthcare and making common healthcare inspections with the help of the mentioned organization, applying the procedure mentioned in sub clause a of clause 8 to additionally prevent any dangerous groups from entering the country under the name of minority, providing a safe place for them to rest and live until their education and rehabilitation is complete;
  8. Asks member states to effectively and strategically use human biotechnology for disadvantaged populations:
    1. Keeping track of people who have completed their rehabilitations in educational facilities or Refreshment Schools or finished the program in the last year in order to cut and detect any contact with possible violent and malicious groups
    2. Prevent possibly dangerous outsider entering and stealing information from educational facilities and Refreshment Schools via biotechnologically advanced security cameras since millions of people’s data will be stored in these establishments’ systems
    3. Protect educational facilities and Refreshment Schools from overpopulation via natal biotechnological applications such as birth control since overpopulation certainly decreases the quality of life and education in such establishments;