Issues and Research Reports

Please click on the links below for the Research Reports (these will be available in October).


GA 1 (Disarmament & International Security)

  • Strengthening of security and cooperation in the Black Sea region
  • Controlling illicit arms smuggling in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region
  • Legality of the threat or use of nuclear weapons

GA 2 (Economic & Financial)

  • Towards comprehensive cooperation among all modes of transport for promoting sustainable multimodal transit corridors
  • Designing a Universal Code of Ethics for Tourism
  • Achieving access to banking, insurance, and financial services for all

GA 3 (Social, Humanitarian & Cultural)

  • Measures to eradicate forced labour and end modern slavery
  • Measures to protect cultural identity of minorities
  • The question of repatriation of arts and cultural artefacts in a post-colonial age to their countries of origin

GA 4 (Special Political & Decolonization)

  • The question of Kosovo
  • The question of territorial sovereignty in Antarctica
  • The question of Transnistria


  • The situation in the Tigray region of Ethiopia
  • The situation in Ukraine
  • The situation in Yemen


  • Promoting sustainable consumption patterns: reducing global food waste at consumer and retail levels
  • The question of future livelihood for refugees
  • The question of exclusion from the labour market on the basis of race, religion, or gender


Sub-commission 1 (EVC1)

  • Measures to prevent forest fires
  • Measures to develop the link between animal welfare, environment and sustainable development
  • The question of land grabbing in Less Economically Developed Countries [LEDCs]

Sub-commission 2 (EVC2)

  • Promoting short and long term drought mitigation measures
  • Measures to reduce ocean acidification
  • Measures to tackle poaching and the illegal trade of wildlife products


Sub-commission 1 (HRC1)

  • Measures to protect the rights to cultural diversity of national, ethnic, religious, and linguistic minorities
  • Protecting human rights for civilians in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict
  • Ensuring the protection of migrant juveniles travelling without adults

Sub-commission 2 (HRC2)

  • Measures to further develop cross-border cooperation for the assistance of migrants and asylum-seekers
  • Protecting journalists and media workers’ freedom of expression in time of war
  • Protecting the rights of LGBT+ people


Sub-commission 1 (SDC1)

  • Managing human overpopulation in areas of profound biodiversity
  • Measures to control cropland expansion in order to reduce deforestation
  • Protecting food production and food supply in time of war

Sub-commission 2 (SDC2)

  • The question of nuclear energy as a viable ‘clean energy’ alternative to fossil fuels
  • Developing heat-health warning systems in countries facing heat waves
  • Building effective and inclusive institutions at all levels


Sub-commission 1 (SPC1)

  • The question of countries building walls and other forms of barriers
  • Measures to better protect international maritime routes
  • The question of the rise of regionalism and nationalism as a reaction to globalisation

Sub-commission 2 (SPC2)

  • The question of strengthening control of national territorial borders
  • Preserving national traditions, culture, and language in a globalised world
  • Measures to improve international trade and transport for landlocked developing countries